Climbing photography

A photo shoot that gets everyone talking about for a long time? Capture your adventure on images where everyone (including yourself) keeps looking with great eyes full of wonder & respect? A photo shoot can be made in Belgium and abroad *.


Climbing competitions

Climbing is a very popular and competitive sport. A competition where they take on the best climbers of the region / country is a spectacle and also one of the best marketing stunts.

The energy that is released in such a competition is unsurpassed. If properly photographed & distributed via social media, this can double the commercial value of a contest!



Nothing better as a climber to be outside on the rocks. Outdoor climbing in the open air is simply the core of climbing. Sports climbing, bouldering, multipitch, trad climbing, ... you name it.

All performances in outdoor mountain sportd are (personal) victories and certainly deserve to be captured through photography.


Climbing parties

Children are naturally active and adventurous. A birthday party in a climbing room is an ideal place for an exciting and fun adventure! A fantastic experience that will be talked about for a long time.

Let them enjoy this adventure even longer by having the party photographed. Every child can then go home with some tough climbing photos!

Convinced or not? Send me a carrier pigeon and I will help you further.

* extra costs will of course be charged depending on the location abroad