The core value of a portrait is the chance to immortalize a person. This portrait will be invaluable for yourself, your partner and also the future generations.

Beauty is the light in the heart
— Kahlil Gibran
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Having a portrait made by a photographer gives you the chance to see yourself as you really are. Not how you see yourself with all the negative filters on thanks to this negative society.

One day your portrait will be priceless. There is no money on this planet that can bring you back to this time. Your portrait is your legacy. Reward yourself with a real photo shoot, it's a fun experience and the result will surprise you. I specialize in  low- & high key photography.


Landscape portrait

A portrait gets extra value and emotion by melting it together with a dramatic background. You become, as it were, the point of interest of a grand landscape that makes it suitable for use as a wall decoration.

For this we oviously go to a location that is written all over you. We let everything go there, unabashed and free, which gives us a landscape portrait with a story, power and emotion.



Fine Art Portrait

In addition to the snapshot, selfie, passport photo and portrait photo, you have the next step. The Fine Art portrait photo. If you are looking for a more stylized, glamorous and creative portrait, then Fine Art is for you.

Together we make a portrait with an added value, a message, a style & a feeling. These sessions take longer, are more complex and require more team work. The result is therefore a unique work of art.

Convinced or not? Send me a carrier pigeon and I will help you further.