Adventurous? Do you want to feel alive and have it framed? If so, you are at the right place.


Wonderful to see the beauty of nature and to feel the adventure. Impressive to see yourself as a small part of the big world. It's great to just act crazy, to capture unusual situations and places. What's even better? Making you happy with a landscape portrait!

What's my story?

I have worked my way through several creative courses such as Industrial Design, Interior Design, Multimedia realization, marketing, photography, ... looking for knowledge and developing a style of my own.

Throughout my studies and career, I developed and realized my big dream: to create beautiful photos that are not just 'there' but do something with the person who looks at them.


How do I work?

Having fun & having the freedom to act as a fool is ideal for taking pictures that do not show a cramped version of you. Here and there I give you some tips, but the most important thing is that we show you, who you are, how you want to show yourself to the world. I love strange alternatives (also known uas 'risk'), adventure, clambering, humorous poses (but 'serious' too) and I always photograph this with a graphic / perfectionist eye. Simplicity is beauty!

You’re only given one little spark of madness.
You mustn’t lose it.
— Robin Williams

The purpose

A good photo allows you to feel, experience, relive or moves you. A good landscape portrait makes you and your 999 friends on Facebook forget all your other profile / cover photos. A good landscape portrait gives you a warm feeling deep inside every time you see it.

A good photo shoot gives you a nice day, good memories and a picture you are proud of.


I am available for all kinds of shoots but I specialize in mountaineering, portrait-landscape, low key portrait / fine art nude and landscape. No nonsense fun, adventure and beauty!





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As long as I am free to roam and take in the world floating over deep valleys like an eagle, inexhaustible, only then will my soul find peace.

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