How will you remember yourself and your family/friends?

We live so fleetingly and the adventures we experience disappear so quickly in this digital world. A Facebook post later we have already forgotten that snapshot. Some images / memories deserve a place in our daily lives. A beautiful photo, enlarged and in a frame is the perfect solution to capture this moment of your life and enjoy it for years to come.

Fancy a beautiful landscape portrait of you, you or that special person in your life? Or a nice stylish portrait? Then it's time to think about a photo shoot.

How? Where? When? What?

A photo shoot sounds fierce, but is actually more fun than working. I bring the photo material and you just bring yourself: that's it. Of course you choose how you are dressed. Do you want to rub yourself full of mud and pose mega rough / tough on a photo: fantastic! Want to pose super chic, dressed and washed: go for it! Personally, I do have a preference for the first scenario ... the crazier the better.

In addition to the subject (you), the location is extremely important. The more this fits your personality the better. Wide views, old locations, nature, industrial or city; everything is possible.

The best photo shoots happen early in the morning or late in the afternoon. In the afternoon is possible, but then there is a big preference to finish the photos in black and white because of the high contrast of the afternoon sun.

'What' is simple: a few fun hours where I take hundreds of photos and where you completely let go. We do fun & crazy things together and afterwards I give you the finished photos in the form of Wall Art, a photo album, prints, .... or just digital.


Send me a carrier pigeon today with your questions and I'll help you as soon as possible. Interested? Send me your wishes and I will prepare a detailed offer for you. That way you know exactly what you get at what price.


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