West-Vlaamse beker sportklimmen 2018 (1/3) / by Ruben Bellanger

After the succes of the first edition, there was no doubt about a possible return of the West-Flemish competition. Once again the West-Vlaamse Bergsportvereniging and the Blueberryhill club joined forces for the organisation. 2018 is an edition in which three climbing walls joined to create an even bigger competition. First round took place in De Panne, home of the West Coast Lizards.

As this is the second year, lessons have been learned. One of those would be that you shouldn’t underestimate the climbers. So the route setting team decided to up the route grades.

Round 1: Climbing wall 'Den Oosthoek' @ De Panne

Once again the participants gave their best and showed some impressive climbing skills, perseverance, techniques, etc. Congratulations to all!

As always, yours truly photographed the whole thing. You can download the low res files here. As always, you can contact me for prints.


Den Oosthoek

Photographer’s view